Bear Rescue by CVR Staff

three photos of bear rescues

At 7:31 AM the message came in.

“I just went to the dumpster and both bars were on it and when I opened it the bear was sitting in the dumpster!! I wonder how that is even possible with it being barred shut?!? I ran off with my trash but didn’t put the bars back on or look to see if the bear jumped out.”

Bara a CVR employee got quite the scare when going to throw away her trash one sunny summer morning. By the time the rest of the CVR crew had arrived the bear had in fact escaped from its dumpster hiding place. Owner of CVR Steve Surbaugh thought the bear was behaving oddly and had a reason it kept lingering around the campus so he went to investigate. Inside of the dumpster was the reason the bear was hanging around – two fuzzy bear cups to tiny to climb out of the slippery dumpster themselves.

With the help of employees Andrew Beavers and Mike “Chili” Groth, a plan was made to use an old futon frame as a ladder on one side while other members of the crew would coax the cubs up the ladder and out. The plan worked perfectly and within minutes the cubs were reunited with their mother.

Lucky for everyone else our employees Sarah Somnis and Sarena Nelson caught the whole ordeal on camera.

None of the bears were harmed or hurt from their dumpster escapade and they ran off into the woods shortly after the video ends. The staff is trying to figure out how the bears could have gotten in despite the bear bars being securely in place. However, for the moment the dumpsters are free of bears.

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