Gales of November

gales of november

While the fall and winter may be colder on the North Shore that doesn’t mean there is less to do! As the seasons change and the Shore starts to become chillier Lake Superior starts to change with the gales of November!

Gales are defined as winds that exceed 39 MPH created by the air pressure difference between high and low-pressure systems. The greater the difference between the two systems the higher the wind speeds. The winds become so powerful that they create whitecaps that are similar in size to those you would see in the ocean. You will never understand the size an immense power of Lake Superior until you see it during one of these gales.

These November gales have historically been the most violent and powerful storms of the season. One such storm on November 10, 1975, even sunk Edmund Fitzgerald. In 2010 winds hit 65 MPH when the Extratropical Storm hit northeastern Minnesota.

Although most would want to stay away from the lake during these gales many come up to surf in the frigid waters and ocean-like waves. The rough waters also force boats to stay closer to shore making it the perfect time of year to see ships.

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